ADA Blind

Since 1948, money raised by the Pte. Mouillee Waterfowl Festival has enabled us, as a (501 (c) 3) conservation preservation organization to contribute to Pte. Mouillee State Game Area projects and enhancements. This has had a positive impact, not only to the Wildlife/Migratory Bird Population but also to the many visitors of the Pte. Mouillee State Game Area.

The positive impact doesn’t stop there either.  There has been a significant impact on the surrounding communities and businesses as well. With the help of sponsorships and supporters of our Waterfowl Festival, our organization is able to continually provide financial support for projects and enhance the Pointe Mouillee State Game Area for future generations.

If you would like to become a sponsor, please contact Bob Whitwam ( or go to

Here are a few of our contributions.

  • 2020 ADA built in Manage Zone 11
  • Replace/repair water control pumps
  • Boat rollers to navigate over dikes
  • Corn, fertilizer, fuel, and electrical cost overruns
  • MUCC camps for youth
  • Tractors, lawnmowers, sprayers, 4-wheelers, including repair equipment.
  • DNR headquarters maintenance
  • Restoration on dikes, Cripple Pte., Pointe SCC
  • Organized Pte. Mouillee parking lot and road cleanup
  • Celeron Island cleanup
  • Plans on building a new ADA blind in Manage Zone 22 (2025)