Date(s) and Time(s):

  • Sunday, September 18th, 2022- 1:30pm

This race is a free event. Hip boots are available until they are all gone. You can wear your own hip boots/waders.

Event Categories:
● Senior Men (16 and up)
● Senior Women (16 and up)
● Junior Girls (15 and under)
● Junior Boys (15 and under)

● Senior Men-$100 cash & plaque
● Senior Women-$100 cash & plaque
● Junior Boys- Gift Card & t-shirt
● Junior Girls- Gift Cards & t-shirt

● Senior Men-Bill Borrow
● Senior Women- Clive and Clarice Taylor
● Junior Boys and Girls-Big Al’s Sports Grill

***At the end of the race, Brownstown Fire Department will kindly rinse you off with a fire hose…

***Donations Needed -use or new Hip boots or waders any size***

Hip Boot Race Sponsored By:

Red Skins Saloon, Bill Barrow
Men’s Category

Clive & Clarice Taylor
Women’s Category

Big Al’s Sports Grill
Kid’s Category

Hip Boot Race Documents:


  • Hip boots or waders MUST be worn.
  • Participants must complete the course provided.
  • Participants must run/walk, THERE IS NO SWIMMING.
  • First person to cross the finish line first without swimming, wins!
  • Good sportsmanship is encouraged.