Date(s) and Time(s):

  • Saturday, September 17th, 2022- 8am to 4pm
  • Sunday, September 18th, 2022 – 8am to 3pm

This year will be an outstanding time to view and purchase Wildlife Artwork & Crafts. Up and coming artists will display and sell their version of wildlife art as well.

This year’s show will include:

  • Paintings
  • Hand Carved Decoys
  • Memorabilia
  • Taxidermy Displays
  • Antique Decoys
  • Crafts
  • Photography
  • Reference Literature
  • Wildlife Art and Originals
  • Plus many other related items and supplies


  • USFWS / International Wildlife Refuge Alliance
  • USFWS Fisheries
  • Wildwood Creations – Wood Wildlife Creations
  • Ron Clore – Misc
  • Michunega Crafts – Indian Crafts
  • Allan Schwark – Schwark Honey
  • Bill Goose – Artist Pictures
  • High Caliber Style – Jewelry
  • Wild Birds Unlimited – Birding Store
  • Patty Laura – Patty Paint Couture
  • Norm the Photo Guy – Beautiful Local Photos
  • Friends of the Detroit River – River Clean Up
  • Metropark – Lake Erie Metropark
  • One Earth Exchange – Native American Jewelry
  • Jerry’s – Misc,Wildlife, Fishing Accessories
  • Elmer – Decoys, Pictures, Accessories
  • D & D Solar Blooms – Solar Outdoor Decor
  • Teresa Kendra – Pine Carving Blocks, Decoys
  • Tilley’s – Barnwood Signs
  • Carver’s – Misc Hand carved everything

‌Arts & Crafts Sponsored by:  Dick & Jeannie Micka

Art Tent Sign Up Application


Arts & Crafts Show Documents & Information:

Please download and complete both forms.  The application can be completed online on this page OR downloaded and mailed to P.O. Box 1, Rockwood, MI 48173. Should you have questions, you can contact:

Chairperson Ken Serwatowski
Phone: (313) 727-8686


Complete this application ONLY if you wish to send it online.  If you want to download and fill out the PDF instead, see Step 1 and bypass this step.

Art Tent Application


If you want to pay online versus by check or onsite, then proceed to this step.  You can use your existing PayPal account, if you have one, or simply pay using your debit or credit card.

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